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At REPUTE, we are passionate about providing solutions - products and services - that add value and address your CSR challenges ... solutions that make business sense as well as common sense.

CSR exercises are an invaluable means of furthering a corporation’s credibility among “all its stakeholders” and adding to its sustainability, by enabling and demonstrating its contribution to society as a whole and its far-reaching commitments for development… way beyond the traditional focus singularly aimed at ‘financial profit for only the shareholder’.

Our objective

To help you develop CSR led Public Affairs solutions - products and services - that add value in addressing your challenges and developing your business.

Our philosophy

  • We believe that responsibility is key - corporate responsibility, environmental responsibility, individual responsibility and social responsibility.
  • We care passionately about the local communities and the wider environment in which all of us live, work and play.
  • We care passionately about change… change which benefits as wide a section of the community as is possible.
  • We understand the commercial realities which the marketplace imposes upon business.
  • We believe in putting together business sense and common sense.

Our process

We have three steps. 1, we collect the facts and all the relevant information. 2, we understand the business considerations and constraints. 3, we apply clear and strategic thinking. Thereafter, we work with you in developing, implementing and monitoring solutions that are based on clear evidence and a clear business case.

We work as a team. We work with you. We also have a network of advisers and consultants – designers, communication and marketing consultants, professionals - from which we draw such specialist expertise as we may require.

Our work

We are currently working on projects which address social issues, human resource practices, healthcare, education and poverty alleviation. Our advisory work has a specialist focus on those businesses which operate, from a social perspective, in an intense regulatory environment.