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At REPUTE, by understanding the pulse of both, the government and public opinion, we equip ourselves to manage the issues or crises that threaten to impact continuity of business through targeted communications. We do this by: working with advisors to create advocacy programs that engage other critical stakeholders including regulatory bodies, NGOs, press and think-tanks & clearing stakeholder perceptions by presenting the facts through effective use of Public Relations.

We endeavour to tailor public affairs programs based on an in-depth understanding of your business priorities and challenges. Our solutions are crafted to suit your needs and our public relations services are structured to provide a communication framework that maximizes your reach. This focused approach with an understanding of various audiences, objectives and environment allows us to deliver strategic counsel and assist our clients in an innovative management of their public affairs.

Our comprehensive list of services include

  • Stakeholder Engagement And Communications
  • Media Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • Press Conferences
  • Crisis Communications
  • Relationship Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Educational Events