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In conjunction with Public Affairs Management, Corporate Social Responsibility action goes a long way in helping project a good, if not excellent, corporate reputation. It is an invaluable means of furthering a corporation’s credibility among “all its stakeholders” and adding to its sustainability, by enabling and demonstrating its contribution to society as a whole and its far-reaching commitments for development… way beyond the traditional focus singularly aimed at ‘financial profit for only the shareholder’.

Thus, CSR is one of the most powerful drivers of business culture and brand value available to our clients. Helping others is no longer limited to writing a cheque. In fact, some of the most creative and multi-dimensional CSR campaigns in recent years have been grounded in action, far beyond financial contributions. At Repute, we walk clients through a period of research and due diligence in order to ensure that CSR campaigns are aligned with business objectives, brand position, and the needs of all stakeholders. Our CSR approach include:

  • Strategy, Planning & Implementation
  • Business Embedded And/Or Philanthropic
  • Program Development
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Due-Diligence Support
  • Grant-Giving Process Development
  • Impact Measurement Process
  • Employee Engagement
  • Fund-Raising Strategy for Ngos
  • Visibility Support
  • CSR Events
  • Stakeholder Communications


We help clients improve their brand image, public policy outcomes and market share through the development and delivery of communications programs about sustainability initiatives. As more businesses, governments and citizens realize the value of “going green,” these services have never been more important.

  • Thought leadership
  • Strategic counsel and planning
  • Message development and branding
  • Issue advocacy communications and campaigns
  • Creative development and execution of communications tools
  • Customized sector specific sustainability reports
  • Development of sustainability narratives
  • Employee communication and alignment

A reputed corporate citizen ensures its sustainability through setting and achieving objectives that enable ‘360* profit for the stakeholder’.


Responding to crisis situations, when reputations, sales, profits, investor confidence and even the continued existence of an organization are on the line, demands the highest level of leadership, communications and logistical skills.

Our complete range of Crisis Communication skills include

  • Crisis communications planning
  • Media relations
  • Reputation rehabilitation
  • Simulation exercises