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At REPUTE, we believe that REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is the science of influencing public opinion through the powerful communication of your good work.

As one of the single most important assets, your organization's reputation demands serious attention in today's formidably competitive marketplace. In times of fluctuating markets & economic downturns, a good - solid reputation can help a company ward off potential threats, financial or other.

Reputation management is therefore, not only about managing a company’s public relations, market research or brand & advertisement management, but also bringing about a targeted outcome of all of the above. The focus of this amalgamation is long-term strategic planning & delivery of an “Admirable” Reputation”


Reputation differs from branding in as much that one can be created and the other is an identity that evolves over a period of time through consistency of effort in the right direction. Similarly, a company’s Image can be temporal and somewhat external, whereas, Reputation is the enduring character that an enterprise/company gets known for and is one of its most valuable assets - the composite picture of its key qualities as seen through the eyes of its audiences and in the context of the marketplace. A company therefore owns its brand, but the stakeholders own its reputation."


Reputation can either be:

  • An Admirable Reputation

    The organization has achieved the highest position on a spectrum that makes its reputation impeccable and this mean that all the indices that ensure the best corporate governance are present; high quality of service/product, strong corporate compliance, strong brand values and communication, anticipate and manage risk properly, relate well with all stakeholders (internal and external) without any major friction, fulfills contractual agreements, communicate effectively, learn from others mistake and above all have clear and transparent vision, strategy, plan and integrity.

  • A Good Reputation

    Organizations that belong to this category have almost everything that were mentioned in the excellent category but one or two of them may be missing, this is where most of the reputed companies belong to.

  • An Objectionable Reputation

    Organizations in this category are many, primarily because they are perceived to break customers’ or stakeholders’ trust in them.

  • Disrepute

    Organizations in this category are few and rare but often seen to emerge as a result of some very high level of deception leading to its ruin.

It is possible for an organization to get placed in a category that it does not necessarily belong to because it is either misunderstood or it lacks processes that enable transparency in their dealings with their stakeholders and/or with its target audience. Planned Reputation Management is thus needed for a company’s directives to be properly aligned with its projected reputation and to justify where and how the intervention should take place.