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As one of the single most important assets, your organization's reputation demands serious attention in today's formidably competitive marketplace. In time of fluctuating markets & economic downturns, a good - solid reputation can help a company ward off potential threats, financial or other.

Reputation management is therefore, not only about managing a company’s public relations, market research or brand & advertisement management, but also bringing about a targeted outcome of all of the above. The focus of this amalgamation is long-term strategic planning & delivery of an “Admirable” Reputation”

At REPUTE, we believe that REPUTATION MANAGEMENT is the science of influencing public opinion through the powerful communication of your good work. Aligned to your goals, our services make a real and positive impact on your business.


REPUTE is the first comprehensive Reputation Management Consultancy & Public Affairs Management Firm with a primary focus on “Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions” for large, medium and small Indian and Multi-national enterprises including academic institutions, social enterprises as well as the Not-for-Profit sector.

REPUTE’s key areas of expertise are Public Relations, Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Corporate Brand Advisory Services & Strategic Event Management. Based in Mumbai, REPUTE aims to provide its clients the benefit of its integrated reputation management and communications services pan-India and overseas.